Former professional dancer and model, Hope has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years dancing for many artists like the Spice Girls and TV shows such as MTV, Top of the Pops, Live and Kicking and Professional Cheerleader for the London Monarchs. Modelling for London Fashion Week, Big Breakfast, Clotheshow live, National wedding shows and beauty pageants as Miss East London 2002 and placing 4th place in Miss Great Britain 2002.

As well as modelling for magazines and papers around the world, Hope has also written articles for Goodhealth magazine and Scarlet magazine. She was the agony aunt comedienne for magazine TV show Loose Lips (with Good Morning Britains Richard Arnold and Model and TV presenter, Melinda Messenger), sponsored by Hello Magazine and Blackhair magazines comedic agony aunt columnist.

Hope is a bubbly, friendly personality who loves to make those around her smile and laugh. A natural comedienne, Hope is sure to bring her sense of humour to those around her.

Hope was highly profiled in the UK national media making headlines due to her courageous battle against a chronic painful illness called Gastroparesis. Weighing just under 5 stone at 5ft 10 tall, her skeletal pictures shocked the nation. Hope was given just 6 days to live. After several operations and spending almost 2 years in hospital, Hope bounced back and started an award-winning awareness campaign to raise awareness about Gastroparesis. Whilst still fighting this debilitating illness, Hope has tenaciously continued to work towards her dreams.

Hope has been touted as 'Women to watch' by the former editor of style bible Cosmopolitan magazine, Women of wisdom award winner, and a Precious Awards finalist.

Hope also works as a Professional published fashion photographer and Graphic Designer.

Hope started the Pretty in Pain Project in 2021. An awareness project that explores the concept of pain and how it affects our lives. Having suffered from chronic pain for over 17 years, Hope wants to remove the stigma surrounding pain and inspire conversations on how we can live our best lives in spite of it. Using multimedia, Hope creates powerful imagery depicting the pain that she feels on a daily basis, to uncover the very corners of her soul for your viewing. Her work is thought provoking and inspires further examination into the physical, spiritual and mental health aspects of pain. Follow her on her journey as she grows as an artist developing her work as she lays her heart bare for us to consume.

T N Hope Davis







Can you see what i'm feeling inside? Can you feel it? Perhaps if I show you what my chronic pain looks like through my self portraits, can you feel it too?

I don’t want to hurt you of course, quite the opposite in fact. I wouldn’t wish chronic pain on my worst enemy. It is debilitating and hampers your life to such an extent that it’s almost a cruelty to call it a life! At the same time, it is incredibly humbling and very much changes one's outlook on life as you learn to live and cope in your new reality.

We really need to have a conversation about pain management. Western medicine seems to be changing its approach to those of us who depend on pain medications so that we can be functional adults who partake in society as best as we can, despite the restrictions chronic pain places upon us to live. We are in survival mode all day every day! Pain treatment medications are to be reduced or taken away completely with nothing much to replace what is being taken away. This will mean a drastic reduction in quality of life to millions of chronic pain patients around the world, leaving many of us bedridden and worse off than before.

It seems to be a backwards step, draconian almost in its implementation. Pain patients are no longer to be thought of on an individual level. Instead, we are all lumped together in a group even though our lived experience of pain is unique to each individual. Please don’t forget the psychological aspect of pain too. Dark thoughts may consume your mind as the pain engulfs your body. Instead of making plans and trying to live your best life like your peers, your days become consumed with trying to cope.

Adequate pain management should be a human right. It hurts my soul to see people languishing in pain as it can drag you down to your darkest depths. Most if not all who suffer with chronic pain, have grieved for what our lives could have been. Yet many of us persevered and pushed through regardless of our adversities.

Without access to treatments that help us live our best lives, despite our physical painful anguish, what are we to do? How are we to live? How can we attempt to be contributing members of society when our ability to participate in life is sharply reduced?

Please help and support us to have continued access to sufficient pain medications and treatments. Whilst I have referenced chronic pain and chronically ill patients here, please don’t forget that pain can affect all of us at any point in our lives. Be it a headache, menstrual pain, child birth, Cancer, accidents or any number of things can invite pain into our body without our permission. We can all be subjected to excruciating pain at any time of our life without warning.

Let’s start a conversation regarding chronic pain and chronic illness. Sufferers voices usually go unheard as the able bodied don’t want to be inconvenienced with our adversity but do you know how long you are going to be able bodied for? You don’t know whats around the corner in life. Explore pain with me through my art and expression. May we all come to an understanding with total unflinching honesty where we may educate one another and support one another in the quest for healing and acceptance.



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